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LAGO is an innovative furniture brand in the world of Italian design. It has an expanded vision of design as a discipline that produces not just quality products but also meaning, capable of innovating the entire production chain and proposing new visions and new models for living. More than furniture, LAGO designs alphabets and invites the customer to use them, creating participatory design, from the bottom up, enriched by energies coming from the end user.



Product Details:
A patented design wardrobe for bedrooms and children's rooms

Duee is a sliding-door wardrobe based on a concept embodying two of the chromosomes of LAGO design: lightness and the architectural dimension.

The design works on the perception of the wardrobe's volume, making it seem light. Looking at this design wardrobe, you get the impression of two interpenetrating volumes, with one seeming to be nested inside the other. In reality, the door of the external volume extends beyond one end, creating a niche that can be fitted out with hangers and shelves. And, thanks to the suspension of the internal volume, the Duee Wardrobe seems to be magically floating in the air.

The external volume is available in all of the LAGO lacquer hues, while the internal volume and the internal side of the niche can be lacquered or covered in lacquered glass. The interior of this LAGO wardrobe can be accessorised with shelves and drawers.


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